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Tesla motors: a quick overview of the models

Tesla motors inc. is a company, stationed in the silicon valley that designs and manufactures batteries, electric components and most importantly electric vehicles. This firm that carries the genius physician Nicola Tesla’s namesake is among the most recent players in the automotive industry, however it is definitely the one that is developing the fastest both in the innovation and in the profits department.

  • Model S

Perhaps their best know product, this car is something many people thought impossible to make. Combining the raw power and performance of a sports car with the minimal expenses and virtually nonexistent biological footprint of an electric car. While it stands up to all but the most ludicrously overpowered (and expensive) monstrosities out there it is by no means the perfect car. Speed and acceleration aside it is still plagued by most shortcomings other less ambitious electric vehicles posses, such as its very low capacity and dreadfully long recharge times.

  • Model X

TeslaNow let’s not forget that this is an American company after all and even the most beautiful cars must be made into SUVs (or at least crossovers). This sad fate of the model S nets us the model X. By no means an offroader it is nevertheless a more practical spacious and tame version of the model S.

  • Model 3

Now the common thing in between the other two vehicles is their cost. The pricing is indeed fair for a sports car and an SUV, however your average Joe might struggle to save enough for one. Enter the model 3, the metaphorical Ford of the Tesla world. It is meant to be as affordable as possible, while maintaining the positive qualities of its bigger cousins (relative to the reduced cost of course).

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