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Top Selling LCVs UK 2016

Light commercial vehicles or LCVs are the backbone and workhorse of many segments of the British economy. These vehicles have traditionally been popular with trades-people, delivery drivers and many more. Lately, purchase of new light commercial vehicles in the UK has been growing steadily year upon year. In twenty sixteen, the total number of new LCVs sold and registered nationwide accounts for 62% of all vehicle sales. 2016 saw the highest number of new LCV registration since 2012. So, which are the top sellers? Here are the top five vehicles (starting at the bottom of the ladder with No.5)

And now – list

  1. Volkswagen Transporterarguably the classiest midsize van in the UK right now, quite evident by the number of new registrations for twenty sixteen, topping out at 21 526! VW’s Transporter is hugely popular with both trades-people and lifestyle clients. The van’s practical cab and availability of gutsy engines makes raises its popularity and appeal even more.
  2. Mercedes-Benz Sprinterjust missing out on a top three finish, the Sprinter wraps up twenty sixteen with a total of 21 966 new vehicles sold across Great Britain. The vehicle is hugely popular with delivery drivers as it is comfortable, fast, reliable and excellent on big loads and big distances. The Sprinter can come with a wide range of accessories and additional options.
  3. Vauxhall VivaroVauxhall Vivarowith 22 791 new registrations in 2016, the Vivaro is a solid number three in fixture. The vehicle is the only one entirely built in Britain. In a nutshell the Vivaro offers excellent blend of quality and value. According to a number of stats outlets, this is the van of choice for small business owners in UK.
  4. Ford Transitthe mighty Transit just about rules the land at No.2 spot, with 29 965 new vehicles sold in 2016. This year it is expected to be an even better one for Ford and its largest LCV with a new EcoBlue engine and auto gearbox on the menu.
  5. Ford Transit CustomAt No.1 there is Ford’s funky Transit Custom, winning by a landslide with a total of 49 744 new vehicles sold in 2016. In a nutshell – it carries a lot, drives very well and looks great from all angles.

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